Mystery Print Pack

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Mystery Print pack includes:

1) One Limited edition Hand-pulled screen print (8.5x11 inches)

2) One Inkjet Print (8.5x11 inches)

3) Two 3.5" stickers

Print packs are completely randomly chosen per order.  Sorry, I cannot accommodate specific requests.

ScreenPrints that are in the packs:

  • Peace Frog
  • Cornmeleon
  • Runaway shark bride
  • Platypus Party
  • Hot Dog Shark Portal
  • Winter Sports Penguins

Digital Prints that are ink packs:

  1. Quest
  2. Battle Turtle
  3. Gardener Octopus
  4. Cactus Spa
  5. Crystal Bird
  6. Power Couple
  7. Tickle Shark

The stickers are chosen at random from large collection.

Mystery Print Pack
Mystery Print Pack
Mystery Print Pack
Mystery Print Pack